Pre-Natal Yoga

 “As a mother-to-be you have the great responsibility and joyful prospect of preparing yourself to give birth to a beautiful soul. This is your great gift to humanity and that is why it is wonderful to see your interest in preparing well for this momentous occasion” -Swami Satchidananda

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Integral Yoga Hatha for Pregnant Women has been specially formulated to include postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation. If you really want to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery, take care of every minute of your life. This holistic approach is Yoga.
Thinking proper thoughts is an important part of Yoga. When we put loving, compassionate, peaceful thoughts into the mind, harmful thoughts will fall away. Anxieties will be relieved, along with stress and tension and this can be achieved through the practice of meditation. This is a time to be in pleasant company, with the right kind of people to love and support you.
It is recommend that you find the childbirth approach that you feel most comfortable with, but to try and keep it as natural as possible. Some women are anxious about giving birth thinking that it will be painful and difficult. These kind of ideas will not be of help. Instead, continually try to reinforce the idea that giving birth is a very natural process.
For more information please contact Jennie at: or call 07740 393 155

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"The yoga enabled me to look inward which helped me to focus during labour. The breathing techniques we learnt also managed to keep me calm, which made a massive difference. The midwives also remarked on this" - Alex.

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